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 Windows of Wonder Survey

During October we surveyed people's responses to the Windows of Wonder. With the  project finished for now, we're putting the survey online, so you can go on sharing your comments and responses. If you enjoyed seeing empty windows around town being filled, please take a  few minutes to fill in the survey.  It will help us make the case that such interventions should be a normal and ongoing part of the evolving fabric of the townscape. 

134-Windows of Wonder 2023_Photo Catherine Benson-135.jpg

Temporary use between lettings or development, known as 'Meanwhile Use,' has become increasingly popular in the UK and worldwide. As the landscape of our High Street continues to evolve, Windows of Wonder offers an imaginative response to the challenge of vacant retail spaces around the town.


Examples of meanwhile use show how together groups can shape innovative solutions that nourish their communities. We were particularly struck by an example in Stroud, where a small group sustained empty window displays for over 20  years offering a remarkable range of community organisations  space to tell their stories.  


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